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Enormvs is a New York based actor, dancer, director, writer, producer, clown, burlesque performer, choreographer, and educator. He came of age under the tropical skies of Hawai'i and along the foggy coastlines of Northern California. He holds a Bachelor's degree (Special Education) from Brigham Young University-Hawai'i and a Master's in Fine Arts (Theatre) from the University of Hāwai'i at Manoa. Some of his areas of concentration are in Japanese theatre and Polynesian dance. Enormvs has traveled the world performing and teaching. He is a founding member of the theatre collective Five on a Match and the all male burlesque revue The Bohemian Brethren. In addition to being a member of the clown troupes Fou Fou Ha and Fou York, he also spent decades as a featured performer in Polynesian dance ensembles like Te Vai Ura Nui and at the Polynesian Cultural Center. When not on stage or in rehearsal, he can often be found riding his bike across New York City... ... ... usually to a performance... or a rehearsal.

Most recently, Enormvs has been performing regularly with Fou York, New York City’s premier absurdist burlesque clown troupe in Suzanne Bartch’s Bartchland Follies at the Mckiterrick Hotel. He has also been touring the world with Hawaiian ‘ukulele virtuoso Taimane Gardner as her Polynesian dancer and sometimes costumer.​

Stage credits include appearances in Chiori Miyagawa’s This Lingering Life (world premier and New York premiere) with Theatre of Yugen and Cake Productions respectively. Enormvs also appeared in The San Francisco Playhouse’s productions of Cabaret and The Fantasticks, The Kentucky Cycle at Willows Theatre Company, Theatre Rhinoceros’ Christmas Panto, Theatre Works Silicon Valley’s tours of Prince GomolvilasOskar plays, Dog’s Body by Erik Ehn a collaboration with DAH Teatar of Belgrade, and Basil Kreimendahl’s Sidewinders with Cutting Ball Theater. Enormvs has also appeared several times on stage at Kumu Kahua Theatre in Hawai’i where he appeared in the Hawai’i premiere of Chay Yew’s A Language of Their Own as well as several world premieres like Lee Cataluna’s “Half Dozen Long Stem”.

In television and film, Enormvs has appeared in films like the short “American Daddy” and the feature “Beatific Vision”. He recurred in the series “North Shore” and was featured in the Disney movie of the week “The Stevens Get Even". He also featured in campaigns for First Hawaiian Bank, Ala Moana Shopping Center, HSBC, and Yahoo as well as appearing in several industrials for Facebook, Instagram, and Macys.

Enormvs is a founding member of several performance companies including SF Boylesque, The Bohemian Brethren, and Five On A Match; a New York based collective of actors, writers, and producers which has staged several plays in New York and on the West Coast as well as produced films and theatre festivals for the benefit of charitable nonprofits like the Ali Forney Center which helps to protect LGBTQ youth from the harms of homelessness.

Enormvs “lives” in Brooklyn, NY with some roommates and an ever growing collection of aloe plants.

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